COOK, EAT AND CLEAN/ SMOKE AND MIRRORS SALOON                      healing ceremony                                                                                              How to heal yourself and the people around you who would love to be healed or just feel a bit better? Could we use movements and actions to synchronize with each other? By what means could we create such an event and find something to believe in? Can we unite our imagination and fantasy with our rationality, strengthen our playfulness and let to go off some unhealthy thoughts?

Concept, choreography, performance: Oleg Soulimenko together with Angela Besunk, Ilse Reiser and Steffi Wimmer Raum, Bildmaterial, künstlerische Beratung: Johanna Tatzgern

9. April 2019 / 19 Uhr, Nadalokal, Reindorfgasse 8, 1150 Wien

Fotos: Daniel Zimmermann